Caluso 2.0 Radtrikot Herren

  • Komfort fit
  • Airlite Brushed S.T. / Dynatherm Flex 220 Stoff
  • Langer Reißverschluss
  • Reflektierende Akzente für zusätzliche Sichtbarkeit
  • Drei Gesäßtaschen
  • Zusätzliche Gesäßtasche mit Reißverschluss
  • Silikongreifer in der Taille
  • Gummiband am Armende 

Product information

Have you decided to go for a quick ride on your bike at night?
This warm jersey with fleece innerlayer is perfect for the somewhat colder spring temperatures. The fabric, named Airlite Brushed/ Dynatherm Flex 220, is made of special material, which makes sure the fabric dries quickly. Moreover, the jersey enhances the visibility on the road; besides using flashy colors, the Caluso 2.0 has reflective accents.

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