Ferox Helm

  • 23 Lüftungsschlitze
  • In Form
  • Fortschrittliches und leichtes verstellbares Hecksystem
  • Verstellbare Träger am Boden
  • Insektennetz vorne
  • Wechselbares Visier
  • Waschbare und abnehmbare Innenpolster

Product information

The Ferox helmet is made with an in-mould construction and contains a strong polycarbonate outer layer. On the inside there are shock-absorbing foam cushions.

This helmet has 23 ventilation holes that can let out the warmth from your head. Because of the insect net on the front side of the helmet and the interchangeable visor, you are protected from a large number of obstacles. Use the adjustment system at the back to make the helmet the right size for your head.

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