Pure Handschuhe Herren

  • Luftstromgewebe
  • Wildlederdaumen zum Abwischen von Schweiß
  • Wildlederpalme mit Gelkissen
  • Laschen zum einfachen An- und Ausziehen des Handschuhs
  • 60% Polyester, 35% Nylon, 5% PU-Klebstoff

Product information

Heat and gloves an ideal combination? It is with the Pure gloves! Pure gloves are specially designed for extreme warm summer days. The gloves are made of the very breathable Airflow fabric which makes maximum ventilation possible. The wrist clasps have a fully seamless finish. With your suede thumb you can easily wipe away any perspiration from your face in warm summer temperatures. The suede palm with gel pads provide all the comfort and protection that you need when on your bike, also during warm summer rides. The Pure gloves are available in four colors and therefore easy to combine with your cycling outfit.

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